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On Global Talent Acquisition Day, Wrench Group Celebrates the Pros Who Help Businesses Grow

By Julie Anderson, Vice President of Recruiting, Wrench Group

It’s something every company needs, and it goes by many names: Talent Acquisition, Staffing, Recruiting, Workforce Engagement or Human Capital Acquisition. But no matter what term your company uses, there’s no question that it is one of the most misconceived roles in companies today. 

When we see successful companies, we tend to overlook the people who contribute exponentially to a company’s growth: the Talent Acquisition teams.  A phrase we use here at Wrench Group is; if we staff it, they will come. That is what Talent Acquisition is all about: recruiting the best people who are willing to take exceptional care of the customer, work hard to grow the revenue of the business, and align with your companies’ values, all while achieving their own personal goals.

Today, on Global Talent Acquisition Day, I want to celebrate those who fill this critical role and provide a better understanding of how the estimated 2 million professionals (according to a LinkedIn search) in the talent acquisition and recruiting industry drive the success of their businesses. It doesn’t come easy: it takes countless prescreens, sourcing the job boards, reviewing thousands of resumes, scouting talent at all times of the day, in all types of places, and taking pride in being the first impression of the company.

Recruiting is not just a function of the business; it is a strategic solution for the business.  A well-rounded Recruiter conducts job analysis activities, works frequently with hiring partners to find the right talent, creates effective recruitment marketing campaigns, are both today and future focused, and most importantly delight in how their work positively impacts the company. Jenna Foty, Lead Recruiter for Berkeys in Dallas, Texas, noted how important finding this balance can be. “I feel honored to be a recruiter, as we play a crucial role in shaping the workforce and helping our company find the right talent to drive success,” she said. “It can be rewarding to see the impact of your work as you contribute to the growth and development of individuals and organizations.”

These professional talent finders take pride in their work and representing the company, thus empowering them to create an outstanding candidate experience to transition those candidates into successful and thriving employees with long careers. Julie Nelson, Recruiting Team Lead for Service Champions in Northern California, explained this rewarding aspect of the role: “I love to hear from a hiring manager that an interview went well, and most of all I love to extend the offer and welcome the new hire to the company,” she said. “I take great pride in seeing the people I have hired grow in their career field while making a positive impact on the company, not to mention fostering their own personal growth!”

That last point is salient because a Talent Acquisition professional also wants to be successful and grow.   Tiffany Allison, Senior Recruiter for CoolToday in Tampa Bay, Florida, noted the ability to do this within her role. “Professionally, recruiting has given me the opportunity to further my knowledge of the trades from a different standpoint,” she said. “In doing so, it has taught me how to properly identify top talent and properly place them in the best suited role for them and for the company, making it a perfect fit for everyone!”

Perhaps most importantly, Talent Acquisition professionals relish the opportunity to change a person’s life. Courtney Percell, Senior Recruiter at Parker and Sons in Phoenix, Arizona, agreed: “I love identifying talent in others and helping navigate them into a career path that will bring purpose and fulfillment into their lives,” she said.

Global Talent Acquisition Day was created to celebrate these behind-the-scenes business partners for their hard work, dedication, and impact on company results. I personally want to thank the national Wrench Group Recruiting team who support our 26 nationwide locations every day. You are the key to our growth and success!