Wrench Group is proud to partner to a host of companies across 12 cities and six states. Come be a part of this world-class group. BEGIN YOUR DISCOVERY THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB

Who Is Wrench Group?

Wrench Group, LLC is a national leader in home repair, replacement and maintenance services specializing in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, water, and electrical services. The company collectively serves over 550,000 customers annually in the Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Fort Myers, Houston, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Naples, Sacramento, Sarasota, San Francisco Bay Area and Tampa metropolitan areas. The locations have developed strong reputations with brands that date back to the 1940s.

Size Matters

Our strength is measured not only in numbers, but in the quality of our service and the satisfaction of our customers.

2,000 Trucks

2,700 Team Members

Over 550,000 Customers Served Annually

One Truck


You’ve worked hard to build your company to be the best it can be and become a leader in your market. Now, learn what Wrench Group can do to help expand your reach and dreams even further. Wrench Group brings the expertise and resources needed to help accelerate your organization’s growth and overall success.

Many Trucks

Dig Deeper

Get Ready to Grow

By joining Wrench Group, you’re taking the first step in seeing your company’s reach and success grow.

All the Pieces Fit

Like a wrench to a bolt, Wrench Group comes together to work together, not against each other, for mutual success.

Wrench University

A members-only area providing continuing education materials and sharing of ideas.

Are You Serious About Being The Best?

The mission of Wrench Group is to be the premier provider of home services to customers in our regions. Our partners must meet certain criteria to be a part of this world-class group. We’re raising the standards!

What Does It Mean To Be Wrench Group Certified?

At Wrench Group, our locations serve customers in cities across the country, by a diverse team of employees who share the same core values – superior customer service and support, and a reputation for unmatched consumer credibility. When you become part of the Wrench organization, you are Wrench Certified. Wrench Certification is a gold standard for both consumers and Wrench Group companies. Wrench Group looks for local companies that believe in hiring, training and conduct standards that consumers rely on as the standard for high-performing contractors. Wrench Group locations share alignment with these performance standards and values.