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Build Your Future

Over the years, you built your company into something truly amazing. Now that you’re looking ahead to what’s next, it’s a good time to consider what The Wrench Group has to offer you and your business. The Wrench Group represents an ideal arrangement for owners who want the financial security of selling a piece of their business without having to pull away from day-to-day operations. The best practices, high-quality customer service, and company culture you’ve crafted can continue. In fact, they can be improved with the combined know-how of other The Wrench Group companies. Becoming a The Wrench Group company is about more than hanging it up and walking away. It’s about what’s best for your customers, your employees and your fellow shareholders.


Keep your company headed in the right direction with members-only access to an exclusive library of information. Plus, tap into Wrench’s deep pool of business, legal, accounting, H/R, purchasing and marketing resources.

Wrench University

With Wrench University, you and your people can expand your knowledge of the industry and best business practices. Collaborate with some of the best to expand and enhance your business acumen.


Wrench Group works together to encourage the growth & success of all its members. Got a question? Ask some of the best leaders in the business to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

Wrench Group: Trust Certified

Trust Certification to the next level with structured business accreditation, standard setting customer service practices and consistencies to keep you on the right track.

Your Legacy

You've invested more than your money in this business. You've put a large part of your life in it. The Wrench Group can help you protect your legacy and continue to grow your business. Meanwhile, you can enhance your financial security and share in the growth and profitability of The Wrench Group as a whole.

If you’re interested in learning more and possibly becoming a member of The Wrench Group, take the next step in your business’s future by inquiring with us.