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Recruiting & Keeping the Best Plumbers & Technicians


There’s a need for skilled HVAC technicians across the county – but sometimes it can be hard to recruit and keep them. Below are some ways to hire the best people for your business and how to get them to stay.

  1. Take a look at your business
    Think about the job you’re offering, management style and type of training. Are your rewards, compensation and benefits good enough to get people to stay? Assessing your own business will give you a look at how competitive you are compared to other companies while showing you what adjustments need to be made to the recruitment process.
  2. Local technical colleges
    These will help you reach young men and women who have just gained the skills necessary to be successful technicians. Before graduation, attend a class at a local technical college. Talk to students about incentives and your company’s mission. This small act may encourage them to work for your company.
  3. Hire Veterans
    Military technicians already have their credentials. They’re skilled in working on diesel units and other military equipment. Veteran job fairs are also a popular event where you can interview and hire veteran technicians on the spot.
  4. Get active on social media
    Millennials use social media for more than just sharing their latest vacation. They also use it to job hunt. Post job listings in Facebook and Twitter and use hashtags. You might be surprised how many people it reaches.
  5. It’s not all about money
    While a good salary entices people to work for you, it doesn’t get them to stay. You must treat team members well, offer great benefits and provide a comfortable workplace for them.

Recruiting and retaining technicians isn’t as hard as it may seem. It just takes some reassessing of your own business while making sure your team members are happy.