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Wrench Group Honors National Recruiter Day

In honor of National Recruiter Day, May 30, Wrench Group would like to take the opportunity to recognize the 37 recruiters working across its family of companies nationwide, who have played an integral role in our growth and success.

The team was assembled as part of a 2021 companywide effort to ensure every Wrench Group location had a dedicated recruiter on site to better understand the needs of each market and give a leg up in the nationwide battle for technician talent. Through this proactive approach, individual locations were able to employ traditional full cycle recruitment strategies and grassroots tactics to better identify the candidates they were looking for and staff up to boost each company’s bottom line.

Furthermore, the recruiters were able to increase revenue-generating hires across Wrench Group companies by nearly 60% in 2022 over the previous year, while maintaining the highest standards for our candidates who serve our customers, through a nearly 95% favorable “Quality of Hire” rate and a 94% favorable “Candidate Experience” rate.

A special thank you and salute to the recruiters at Wrench Group and our regional brands who made this success possible: Chief Human Resource Officer Tonja Morris, Vice President of Recruitment Julie Anderson, Regional Recruiting Managers Cheryl Harvey, Seth Kuhlman, and Jared Thompson; and our full team of recruiters across the country:

  • Abacus: Andrea Arzadum, Jackie Hottmann, and Kristen Reynolds
  • Collins Comfort Masters: Jenny Moser
  • Baker Brothers: Stephanie Fussell, Tamara Sanders, and Jennifer Spain
  • Berkeys: Jenna Foty
  • Boothe’s: Mandi Thompson
  • Comfort Dynamics: Kourtney Seals
  • Coolray: Kara Hoffpauir, Katherine Kennedy and Anna Kirby
  • CoolToday: Tiffany Allison, Rossy Molina, Angie Reese and Jusitine Velez
  • Donovan: Amanda Soto
  • MAX Service Group: Ashley Davis and Robbie Grant
  • Morris-Jenkins: Megan Hensley and Carrie Kotarski
  • Mountain Air: Devon Corrington
  • NexGen: Rey Garcia (HR Manager)
  • Parker and Sons: Lena Smith (Recruiting Manager), Yessica Caballero, Brandon Lowery, Michelle Lozano and Courtney Percell
  • Plumbline: Denita Britton
  • Ragsdale: Ashley Guyer
  • Red Cap: Emily Nages
  • Service Champions North: Julie Nelson, Mercedes Riley and Chelsie Stark

About Wrench Group

Wrench Group is a national leader operating in 26 markets across 14 states. The locations provide home repair, replacement and maintenance services specializing in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, plumbing, water, electrical and related services. The company collectively serves more than 2 million customers annually with more than 6,900 team members in the Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Fort Myers-Naples, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville-St. Augustine, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Nashville, Orlando, Palm Springs, Phoenix, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Francisco Bay Area, Sarasota, southern Maryland, Tampa Bay, and Tucson metropolitan areas. 

The locations have developed strong reputations with brands that date back to the 1940s.  For more information, please visit us at


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