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Wrench Group Certified

Becoming Wrench Group Certified

Wrench Group Certified

Do you want to join the very best company in home services?  At Wrench Group, our locations serve customers in cities across the country, by a diverse team of employees who share the same core values – superior customer service and support, and a reputation for unmatched consumer credibility. When you become part of the Wrench organization, you are joining an elite group of companies with unmatched customer service reputations.  We like to call this “Wrench Certified.”  Wrench Group companies are the gold standard in the home services industry with superior customer service results and consistent growth.

Wrench Group looks for local companies that believe in hiring, training and conduct standards that consumers rely on as the expectation for high-performing contractors. Wrench Group companies share alignment with these performance standards and values.

We are a like-minded group, set on becoming the gold standard for high-performing contractors, providing world-class customer satisfaction. Our core values are trust, customer service and safety. From our customer service members, sales team, service and maintenance staff, and all our support personnel, Wrench Group companies demonstrate great leadership and a winning culture. This is Wrench Certified.

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Join Wrench Group and become part of a winning culture. Be Wrench Certified.